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Latest Working Weekend

Prior to wheeling being carried out this next week, and following on from the Llangollen Railway Workshops carrying out the final fitment and alignment of the Cylinder, Chris along with Rich P, Robin, Quentin and Dave B worked hard to re-fit the front footplating brackets and platework, giving the locomotive its distinctive Grange shape, also fitted for the first time was the vacuum reservoir tank. Thanks to all involved!


Cylinders, Sand Boxes and Brake Gear

Our working parties are making great progress on the locomotive’s chassis as we continue to prepare for 6880’s appearance at this year’s Warley show at the NEC.

Our team are fitting the recently made Sand Boxes, continuing work on fitting the Brake Gear and lining up the cylinders ready for final fitting. Chris is seen using optical equipment to set the final position.


The new rocker coversimage

Richard and Colin fitting a rear sand boximage

Chris and Bill discussing the fitting of the brake gear, inside the frames

Chris setting up the final cylinder alignment using optical equipment
Chris setting up the final cylinder alignment using optical equipment.

Another shot of the cylinder being lined up
Another shot of the cylinder being lined up

A view through the right hand cylinder
A view through the right hand cylinder


Member’s Day

A hugely successful members day in Llangollen was enjoyed by nearly forty members who were able to view the progress made to the locomotive. The day was enhanced by the positioning of Willington Hall’s boiler alongside the locomotive ready for work to start on preparing it for eventual overhaul.


Earlier members enjoyed a film show charting the history of the Grange class including a video diary of the building of Betton Grange from 2004 to date.

lunch was taken on the train to Corwen and back hauled by 5199


Work continued fitting the front foot-plating which is very much almost complete.
We also have taken delivery of other new parts ready for fitting to the loco, including new slide bars, overhauled reverser and all sandboxes.
Delighted that our Working members are increasing with 2 more people volunteering their services to us. Thanks to all our working volunteers , you really are making a huge difference. With funding, labour and resources allowing we are ‘on track’ to Get It Steaming in 2018′

More great progress by our volunteers during the latest working weekend.




Working weekend 29-31st August

A strong team of 9 members worked over 3 days on further construction of the platework at the front of the locomotive around the cylinders. The cutting and trimming of panels and the drilling of the many bolt holes kept the team busy working in 2 different groups. Additionally the complete reverser assembly has been assembled. The parts needed for the cylinder drain cocks have been manufactured along with the front sand boxes. Further work included the start of the fitting of the brake hangers and the preparation of the valve covers for trial fitting. Good progress by our enthusiastic team as the locomotive takes shape.

Drilling frames 2

Drilling the plate work at the front of the locomotive



The complete working reverser


The front sand boxes and cylinder drain cock parts

Fitting brake hanger

Fitting a brake hanger

Valve cover gunning


Needle gunning a valve cover

“Gull Wing” plate work added

at last weekend’s working session Chris Moore with Paul Nichols, Richard Pumphrey, Colin Hodgin, Michael Prior, Maxwell Trench, David Dilnot and Saul worked further on the front end plate work which is looking pretty good now. The “Gull Wing” plate work has been added and the lamp brackets fixed.






Engineering progress displayed on AGM day

On AGM day the locomotive showed off its latest additions as the build continues at a good pace. At the front end Richard Cadge, Chris Moore and Paul Johnson inspect the new lamp iron brackets and the new front foot plating.



The motion bracket was trial fitted for the day as progress towards setting the final position of the cylinders continues.


Bill Hall holds the newly manufactured reverser handle


the new Steam Fountain casting sourced by Paul Johnson goes into stores awaiting use once the boiler is refurbished


Cylinder end covers

At  this weekend’s working days two photographs illustrate the progress made.

First the top coat paint on the fire iron tunnel and integrated splashers and secondly the trial fitting of the valve and piston end covers.

Other work included a further inspection of Willington Halls boiler to evaluate the work needed.




New Fire Iron Tunnel

A new fire iron tunnel has been fabricated for 6880 incorporating the two rear left hand splashers. The tunnel houses the long irons used in maintaining the fire and during disposal.

Other work at last weekend’s session was the fitting of the end studs to the cylinder castings


Cylinder studs

Centre Righthand Splasher

Over recent weeks through the initiative of Chris Moore Geoff Madden has fabricated new splashers for the locomotive.

Here is the centre righthand one during its trial fitting on 12th October


Splasher 211014