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Motion Parts

Latest Progress 2nd February 2019

The first weekend in February also saw the first Volunteer working day of the year on Betton at Tyseley Locomotive Works. TLW staff have carried out work on the frames and re-wheeling, then it was our turn to put the springs back on. Also delighted to see that the Boiler has now been fully riveted, and just awaiting some final stays before it is to be tubed, very shortly, TLW staff have also been placed the pistons into the cylinders. Thankyou, as ever, to all our volunteers for their hardwork to Chris, Quentin, Barry, Paul 1, Paul2, Mick, Colin, Bill, RichS and Lynn for the well needed refreshments!

Boiler Cladding being Fitted

Busy 4 days on the loco this weekend! A Superb Team, as ever, led by Chris who pulled out all the stops!, Many thanks to Quentin, Lynn, Robin, Paul N, Bill, Maverick, David, Richard P, Paul E. The start of the Boiler Cleating sheets, cleaning of the ConRods, fitting of the reverser and more painting! All in all making good progress for her next public outing at Tyseley Locomotive Works…

Cross head Fitted

A great weekend working on Betton, pleased to report that Llangollen Engineering have fitted the first crosshead to be seen on a Grange in over 50 years, further significant progress saw the fitting of the front cab window frames, the sanding gear operating arms and the firebox crinolines.

As ever grateful thanks to all our volunteers, Robin, Rich, Colin, Mick, David, Max, Maverick, John, Lynn and Chris for being our morale booster, as well as cracking the whip!

Slidebars Fitted

The slidebars have now been fitted and aligned by Llangollen Railway Engineering ready for the motion to be assembled.

Inside motion being fitted

during the latest working weekend and as preparations for Warley continue our team started the assembly of the inside motion parts.

‘The following views taken within the frames show the Weighshaft, the eccentric straps and the expansion link.

IMG_0124 IMG_0125 IMG_0126 IMG_0127

Parts being Machined

Components all being prepared at Tyseley, ready for fitting when finished. Work continues apace.  image


Brake Shaft



Valve Extension Rod

our new valve extension rod is seen being machined at Harco Engineeringimage image

Pistons, connecting rod and cab flooring.

Our busy team continues to make progress with building the locomotive, aiming to have as muh as possible complete for the Warley Show in November.

Last weekend saw us collect a connecting rod from the NYMR that they have agreed to sell us, so now we have a pair of con rods and an un-machined blank as a backup.

Whilst we had the use of the trailer we collected the new cab flooring metalwork for transportation to Llangollen. An initial trial fitting took place later

The team removed the Pistons from Cogan Hall and these have been taken to Tyseley for refurbishment. Once Tyseley have finished this work we will have both pistons and piston valves plus cross head for fitting.

Whilst at Tyseley we saw the new piston valve assemblies, the new snifting valves and the machining of the screw couplers

Thanks to all our team but especially Lynn and Chris Moore, Liz and Quentin McGuinness and Mick Prior who made the journey to Grosmont.


A new piston valve at Tyseley


Chris with Cogan Hall’s Pistons ready to go to Tyseley for refurbishment


Collecting the Connecting Rod from Grosmont


The Screw Coupling on the lathe at Tyseley


The new Cab Flooring


The snifting valves

Cylinders, Sand Boxes and Brake Gear

Our working parties are making great progress on the locomotive’s chassis as we continue to prepare for 6880’s appearance at this year’s Warley show at the NEC.

Our team are fitting the recently made Sand Boxes, continuing work on fitting the Brake Gear and lining up the cylinders ready for final fitting. Chris is seen using optical equipment to set the final position.


The new rocker coversimage

Richard and Colin fitting a rear sand boximage

Chris and Bill discussing the fitting of the brake gear, inside the frames

Chris setting up the final cylinder alignment using optical equipment
Chris setting up the final cylinder alignment using optical equipment.

Another shot of the cylinder being lined up
Another shot of the cylinder being lined up

A view through the right hand cylinder
A view through the right hand cylinder


Engineering progress displayed on AGM day

On AGM day the locomotive showed off its latest additions as the build continues at a good pace. At the front end Richard Cadge, Chris Moore and Paul Johnson inspect the new lamp iron brackets and the new front foot plating.



The motion bracket was trial fitted for the day as progress towards setting the final position of the cylinders continues.


Bill Hall holds the newly manufactured reverser handle


the new Steam Fountain casting sourced by Paul Johnson goes into stores awaiting use once the boiler is refurbished