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New Firebox Backplate

a new Firebox Backplate has been fabricated at Tyseley as seen in the photo below. The area to be replaced is shown in the second photo of the boiler

New Work at Llangollen

our working parties continue at Llangollen preparing for the cylinder pressure test shortly to be carried out

meanwhile with the locomotive positioned over the pit at Llangollen, we were able to take these unusual pictures of the locomotive from beneath.

Boiler Work commences at Tyseley

Work on our boiler has started at Tyseley with the manufacture of a new front tube plate


Results of Warley Raffle

the following tickets were drawn at Warley

could the claimants with winning tickets please contact

Liz McGuinness 07880 504519

1st prize 06291
2nd prize 06284
3rd prize 06221
4th prize 07776
5th prize 05576
6th prize 03541
7th prize 06693 – claimed
8th prize 06085
9th prize 07844
10th prize 04045

6880 at Warley

these photographs of 6880 at the Warley Show were taken by photographer Tim Easter with his specialised camera equipment.

6880_31347 6880_31323 6880_31304

6880 Goes to the Warley Show

last week 6880 left Llangollen for the first time being loaded for transport to the NEC in Birmingham on Thursday 24th November.

img_0156 img_0157

Once at the NEC the locomotive was fitted with its copper cap to the chimney, the brass safety valve bonnet and the whistles. A Grange 80 headboard and Express lamps were fitted too




6880 has a boiler for the first time

on Wednesday 9th November the boiler from Cogan’s Hall was moved onto Betton Grange for the first time. After preparations by our volunteers led by Chief Engineer Chris Moore the boiler was removed from the Hall with a coat of red oxide paint applied and swung across to be fitted on the Grange. This work was carried out by the Llangollen Railway’s engineering team moving the 17 ton boiler with the Cowan Sheldon crane.

pictures below

img_0148 img_0149 img_0150 img_0151 img_0152 img_0153

Preparing Cogan Hall’s boiler for Warley

our team are now removing the fittings that hold Coagan Hall’s boiler onto the frames and release it for sitting on 6880’s chassis for the Warley show. Cleaning the boiler and starting to give it a coat of red oxide paint.

‘In other work we have taken delivery of the refurbished cross heads and the front draw hook now fitted with the screw coupling.


Inside motion being fitted

during the latest working weekend and as preparations for Warley continue our team started the assembly of the inside motion parts.

‘The following views taken within the frames show the Weighshaft, the eccentric straps and the expansion link.

IMG_0124 IMG_0125 IMG_0126 IMG_0127

TV Celebrity Mark Evans is new Ambassador for 6880

It is with delight that we are pleased to announce that TV presenter Mark Evans has agreed to be our first and foremost Ambassador.

Mark has delivered a number of programmes on Channel 4 and Discovery including

An MG is Born

A Race Car is Born

A 4×4 is Born

A Chopper is Born

A Plane is Born

Mark is a vet by profession, but is a self-confessed petrol head and science explorer. He obtained his passion for engineering from his father and is very much a down to earth person.  We expect Mark to visit a couple of events a year and promote us both on his website/social media and within his circle of family, friends and acquaintances.

Mark joined us at Llangollen on the 15th October and received a warm welcome from the 6880 directors who explained all aspects of the project to him. Ideas flowed as to how Mark could help us achieve our ambition of finishing 6880 within the next 2 years.

Check him out on (http://www NULL.markevans

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