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6880 STEAMS!

For the first time since 1965, yesterday saw a Great Western Grange once again steam. After warming up throughout the day 6880 Betton Grange saw the regulator opened around 4pm and the locomotive moved smoothly down the yard at Tyseley Locomotive Works. 21 years in the making, the future holds many opportunities for 6880 on Britains preserved railways


As 6880 nears completion painting in fully lined BR green is nearly finished. A few more mechanical items need finishing off before the locomotive can steam.

Final Painting

The locomotive is now in Tyseley’s paint shop and final painting continues


The completion of the two steam pipes saw them installed in the smokebox as the mechanical work at Tyseley nears completion. Not much longer now

Steam Pipes go into Smokebox

The steam pipes are now being fitted into the smokebox and a first gloss coat of green added to the boiler as work towards completion advances

Cab Interior makes progress

More painting inside the cab and additional work to the fittings bring the cab interior nearer completion

Painting Starts

A first coat of green undercoat has been applied as a visible step forward towards completion

Cab Fittings Update

Most of the pipe work and cab fittings are now in place as work progresses. We expect 6880 to steam this year

Cladding and Cleating

Work advances as the cladding and cleating are added along with the final fitting of the back head fittings. The locomotive edging ever nearer to completion

Boiler lagging goes on

as the locomotive gets ever nearer to completion the lagging is being added to the boiler. Once complete the cladding can be fitted