More progress as locomotive goes together

as the following photographs illustrate, both the pistons and valves are now in the cylinders and the end caps fitted. Also the brake rigging is on.

‘The boiler is making progress too with the large tubes now on site and the ‘bottle ends’ are being fitted. Finally the superheater elements are being manufactured.

Cylinder Cleating nears Completion

work has continued on the cylinder creating which has proven to be a harder job than expected working without drawings.

however the job is nearly finished.

Cylinder Draincocks Fitted

at the beginning February our team fitted the cylinder draincocks during the recent working weekend

Cylinder’s Pressure Tested

This last weekend saw our team finish the pressure testing of the cylinder castings to 250 psi hydraulic. We can now proceed with drilling and tapping to prepare for the fitting of the pistons and valves. A big step forward in completing the ‘bottom end’ of the locomotive. Preliminary fitting of the cylinder cladding was carried out too.

Cross head Fitted

A great weekend working on Betton, pleased to report that Llangollen Engineering have fitted the first crosshead to be seen on a Grange in over 50 years, further significant progress saw the fitting of the front cab window frames, the sanding gear operating arms and the firebox crinolines.

As ever grateful thanks to all our volunteers, Robin, Rich, Colin, Mick, David, Max, Maverick, John, Lynn and Chris for being our morale booster, as well as cracking the whip!

Willington’s Boiler stripped ready for quotes

Chris and the Team worked remarkably hard this weekend, finishing off removing the tubes from the boiler. Here we see some remarkable shots from inside the boiler, which has now also had its tube plate partly removed. Meanwhile the wheels were re-painted ahead of re-wheeling and further holes drilled in the cylinders ready for the cleating. Many Thanks to everyone, Chris,Colin, Richard P, Quentin, Mick, Barry, Max, Bill, David and Lynn. Also saying a fond farewell to Max who is returning to the Carribean (see you next year!)




imageimage image

Parts being Machined

Components all being prepared at Tyseley, ready for fitting when finished. Work continues apace.  image


Brake Shaft



Working weekend 29-31st August

A strong team of 9 members worked over 3 days on further construction of the platework at the front of the locomotive around the cylinders. The cutting and trimming of panels and the drilling of the many bolt holes kept the team busy working in 2 different groups. Additionally the complete reverser assembly has been assembled. The parts needed for the cylinder drain cocks have been manufactured along with the front sand boxes. Further work included the start of the fitting of the brake hangers and the preparation of the valve covers for trial fitting. Good progress by our enthusiastic team as the locomotive takes shape.

Drilling frames 2

Drilling the plate work at the front of the locomotive



The complete working reverser


The front sand boxes and cylinder drain cock parts

Fitting brake hanger

Fitting a brake hanger

Valve cover gunning


Needle gunning a valve cover

Cylinder end covers

At  this weekend’s working days two photographs illustrate the progress made.

First the top coat paint on the fire iron tunnel and integrated splashers and secondly the trial fitting of the valve and piston end covers.

Other work included a further inspection of Willington Halls boiler to evaluate the work needed.




New Fire Iron Tunnel

A new fire iron tunnel has been fabricated for 6880 incorporating the two rear left hand splashers. The tunnel houses the long irons used in maintaining the fire and during disposal.

Other work at last weekend’s session was the fitting of the end studs to the cylinder castings


Cylinder studs