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6880 has a boiler for the first time

on Wednesday 9th November the boiler from Cogan’s Hall was moved onto Betton Grange for the first time. After preparations by our volunteers led by Chief Engineer Chris Moore the boiler was removed from the Hall with a coat of red oxide paint applied and swung across to be fitted on the Grange. This work was carried out by the Llangollen Railway’s engineering team moving the 17 ton boiler with the Cowan Sheldon crane.

pictures below

img_0148 img_0149 img_0150 img_0151 img_0152 img_0153

Pistons, connecting rod and cab flooring.

Our busy team continues to make progress with building the locomotive, aiming to have as muh as possible complete for the Warley Show in November.

Last weekend saw us collect a connecting rod from the NYMR that they have agreed to sell us, so now we have a pair of con rods and an un-machined blank as a backup.

Whilst we had the use of the trailer we collected the new cab flooring metalwork for transportation to Llangollen. An initial trial fitting took place later

The team removed the Pistons from Cogan Hall and these have been taken to Tyseley for refurbishment. Once Tyseley have finished this work we will have both pistons and piston valves plus cross head for fitting.

Whilst at Tyseley we saw the new piston valve assemblies, the new snifting valves and the machining of the screw couplers

Thanks to all our team but especially Lynn and Chris Moore, Liz and Quentin McGuinness and Mick Prior who made the journey to Grosmont.


A new piston valve at Tyseley


Chris with Cogan Hall’s Pistons ready to go to Tyseley for refurbishment


Collecting the Connecting Rod from Grosmont


The Screw Coupling on the lathe at Tyseley


The new Cab Flooring


The snifting valves

5952 Cogan Hall

The Board of 6880 Betton Grange (Society) Ltd are pleased to announce that they have been successful in purchasing 5952 Cogan Hall together with a substantial amount of spare parts. This is a strategic decision which will substantially reduce the time and cost of constructing Betton Grange.

In the medium term we propose to refurbish the bogie and later tender from Cogan Hall for use with 6880. The cost of a new bogie alone would be in excess of the purchase price for 5952. In addition the time required to refurbish the existing bogie will be substantially less than manufacturing and assembling from new. Refurbishing the existing bogie will also assist in providing information and experience necessary to construct a new bogie for Cogan Hall in the longer term.

We must stress that we do not propose to dismantle Cogan Hall to provide parts for 6880 or any other projects. The longer term desire is to restore Cogan Hall in its own right. This will be subject to separate fund raising. There has already been significant interest expressed by several of Betton Granges supporters in restoring 5952 by once 6880 is completed.

We must record our thanks to the Board of the Llangollen Railway for their agreement in allowing Cogan Hall to be moved to the railway. It is expected that 5952 will be moved to the Llangollen Railway before the Spring Gala 23rd to 25th April.

With regard to 6880 significant progress is being by Dave Owen’s team in completing the riveting of the dragbox and progressing with the horn guides. In addition the patterns for spring hanger brackets have been made and the brackets cast. The curved foot framing which will be fitted below the cab has been manufactured.

The Society is indebted to Pete Simpson from the Severn Valley Railway, for producing drawings for the new extension frames. Costs are currently being obtained for their manufacture. It is anticipated that an order will be placed for the extension frames before the summer.