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Balance Weights tightened and painting starts

This week the workshop staff riveted the balance weights into position. They had been considered slightly loose and new rivets were bought.

The first photo shows this being worked on.

The second photo shows Robin Matthews and John Sandiford applying the first coates of primer


wheels painting

Cab Front Sheet work

The cab front sheet is being prepared for fitting.

Here Robin Matthews uses the special drill system to line up the holes so correctly profiled bolts can be used to permanently fix it in place

Engineering Progress

Progress on building 6880 is continuing as the following photographs show.

These bolts are for fixing the Extension Frames to the Main Frames

This is one of the Brake Shaft Castings

This is a view of the front end showing the cast brackets to support the front buffer beam

The footplating has been secured to the frames and painted

Progress Update, April 2010

We have now had all the riveting completed to attach the cab steps to the main frame, and the completed the fitting of the rear dragbox, rear bufferbeam and buffer plates including the riveting. 6880 volunteers have marked up and drilled out all the holes over the last 12 months.

The saddle plate has also been successfully riveted into place after being built and marked out by Ian Massey last summer. 6880 now awaits the arrival of the extension frames which will be riveted in front of the saddle. It is hoped for these will arrive later this year.

Jonathan Kerr, 25th April 2010.