Latest Progress

The following pictures illustrate the latest progress from both Tyseley and Llangollen.

At Tyseley the coupling rods have been fitted to the wheels, whilst preparation of the connecting rods has taken place adding paint to the rear of the rods. The boiler is edging ever nearer to completion with the fire hole inner and outer sheets riveted. At Llangollen the further painting of the tender is ongoing.

Willington’s Boiler stripped ready for quotes

Chris and the Team worked remarkably hard this weekend, finishing off removing the tubes from the boiler. Here we see some remarkable shots from inside the boiler, which has now also had its tube plate partly removed. Meanwhile the wheels were re-painted ahead of re-wheeling and further holes drilled in the cylinders ready for the cleating. Many Thanks to everyone, Chris,Colin, Richard P, Quentin, Mick, Barry, Max, Bill, David and Lynn. Also saying a fond farewell to Max who is returning to the Carribean (see you next year!)




imageimage image


The momentous news this week is the wheeling of the locomotive on Monday 8th April at Llangollen.

The following pictures show how this was done.

On 13th April a video of the wheeling can now be watched on U Tube. Pleas click the following link

Firstly the frames were bolted onto dummy wheelsets for rolling outside

Dummy wheels small

Here Mike Pierce is overseeing the fitting of an axlebox to a wheel bearing

Axleboxes going on small

Next the frames were lifted above the wheel sets

Wheels and frames

The wheeled chassis is run back into the shed. The first movements of Betton Grange as a rolling chassis

Wheeled small

Finally the locomotive sits back in the shed ready for the spings to be added in the coming days

Back in shed small

Spring Hanger Bolts

The Society now has the Spring Hanger Bolts cups and washers etc for use in adding the Springs to the locomotive. The actual springs were due to be delivered to Llangollen on Wednesday 10th April

Spring Hanger bolts small

Balance Weights tightened and painting starts

This week the workshop staff riveted the balance weights into position. They had been considered slightly loose and new rivets were bought.

The first photo shows this being worked on.

The second photo shows Robin Matthews and John Sandiford applying the first coates of primer


wheels painting

Locomotive wheeling draws nearer

There has been a shunting around in the workshop at Llangollen with the result that the wheels are now positioned in front of the frames ready for the lifting to take place once everything is ready.

in the second photo the right hand leading axle box is now fitted leaving only the rear pair to be completed. Members coming to the AGM next weekend should see the axle boxes on the wheel sets  before the actual wheeling takes place

wheels 2 small

axlebox 2 small



Wheels prepared

At the last working weekend up to 8 volunteers started the work of preparing the frames and wheels for the imminent wheeling of the locomotive

Below Robin Matthews needle guns the wheels ready for the first undercoat. Work on this will continue until the wheels are ready to be put under the frames in early April

Needle gunning 2 small

Other work concerns painting the frames including the buffer beam. Here John Sandiford prepared some of the rivet heads for primer

Preparing rivets small

Axlebox work continues

Work trial fitting the axle boxes to the locomotive’s frames continued through February. The first photo shows the spacers fitted and adjusted.

Axlebox spacers

Picture two shows the axlebox underkeep from which lubrication is distributed.

Axlebox underkeep


Work on re-furbishing the axleboxes for 6880 being carried out at Llangollen workshops. All 6 boxes will soon be ready for the wheeling of the locomotive. Meantime the Springs, Spring Hangers and other associated parts have been ordered.

Axlebox 090113 small

Axlebox being cleaned


Wheels now painted

Following delivery to Llangollen the wheels have now received a coating of primer, undercoat and two layers of gloss black. The finished wheels await the preparation of the axleboxes and other work before re-wheeling can take place.