Boiler Appeal

By the end of August 2018 the boiler appeal became complete as we reached our target of £225,000. A brilliant effort by all of you who contributed. The boiler work is nearly complete and we expect to carry out the first hydraulic test during the winter of 2018/19.

During Steel, Steam & Stars IV the Society launched the £225,000 Boiler Appeal. There are many levels of contribution with different rewards and recognition on offer. For details please click the following link to view or download the appeal leaflet.           boiler appeal. The boiler chosen to be refurbished is the one acquired by the Society from Willington Hall and it is hoped to have this ready within 2 years to get 6880 onto the


In March 2018 the boiler appeal reached its target of £225,000. An amazing result.

Well done to all those who’ve contributed

ROLL OF HONOUR for the boiler appeal

The following organisations or individuals have made a significant contribution towards the boiler appeal

1) Heritage Railway Magazine

2) Rev. Christopher F Carter

3) John McNorton

4) David Huntbatch

5) James Jackson
6) Michael Dawson
7) Terry McGuinness
8) John Haddrell
9) P.D. Mulley

10) David Bain

11) Terence Breton

12) Ian James
13) Neville Wellings
14) Steve Fox

15) Paul Nicholls

16) R.G.H. Chapman

17) Simon Westbrook

18) Colin Spires

19) Barry Matthews

20)  George Jeffery
21) Martin Stoolman
22)  Graham Bridger
23)  Alan J Kitley
24) John C Rice

25)Mr Christopher G Wright
26) Mr A G Morgan

27) Mr MJ Baldry
28) Mr Derek Munts
29) Mr Christopher Bale

30) Mr Robert Frederick Payne
31) Miss Deborah Marks
32) Mr. E. T. Rogers

33) Mr M.W. Cowtan
34) Mr Philip Heatley
35) Mr Bill Hall
36 Mr Tony Jackson
37) Mr A Thompson

38) David and Amanda Gill
39) Anthony and Diane Harris
40) Martyn Broad
41) Richard Leonard Mann

42) Phil Morrey

43) Geoff Morris

44) John Warner

45) Ian Brownrigg

46) Phillip Hodge

47) Neil Tiley

48) John Talbot

49) Colin Alliez

50) Chris Moore

51) Lynn Moore

52) Quentin McGuinness

53) Liz McGuinness

54) Paul Appleton

55) Richard Cadge

56) Graham Bridger

57) Alan Marshall

58) Gwyn Williams

59) James Evans

60) Michael Eyre

61) Mr and Mrs John Tidmarsh
62) Robin and Ran Matthews
63) John and Evelyn Coop
64) Anthony Writer
65) Steve Worrall
66) William Broadley

67) John McCallum

68) Steam Sounds Supreme

69) Dr Peter Darke

70) Anthony J Cook