Roll of Honour

The following contributions have been made to the project. Parts and materials sponsored by individuals who we hereby recognise. We thank them for their contributions to the project.

For arranging the use of the No. 1 boiler from Willington Hall with Glamorgan County Council as part of the Barry Ten. – Sponsored by John Buxton

a pair of Betton Grange nameplates – sponsored by John Buxton

Smokebox Numberplate – sponsored by Barrie Whyte

Cabside Numberplate – sponsored by Tony Jackson

Copper Chimney Cap – sponsored by Richard Cadge

Spring Hanger Casting – Sponsored by Chris Wright

Spring Hanger casting, machining and fitting – Sponsored by Neville Wellings

Rocking Pads & Washers – sponsored by R.H.G. Chapman and by P.R. Williams

Main Leaf Springs – Sponsored by David Huntbatch

A bequest of over 700 railway books from the late Ray Herridge

Brass Splasher Beading – John Pearse

Front Drawhook – John Sandiford

Towards the Conrods – Neville Wellings

A Buffer – Andrew James

Shed Plate – Steve Denton

2nd Cabside Numberplate – Alan Marshall

Boiler steam heating casting – R.H.G. Chapman

Steam heat Elbow casting – Dave Phillips

Steam heat shut-off cock casting – Paul Weston

Whistle Valve components – Frank Tyler

Whistle Valve components – J. Murray

Whistle Valve mounting elbow Casting x 2 – Tony Jackson

Condensing Coil 3 way isolator valve casting – Pete Hudson/Kate Alston

Blower Valve fully machined – Terry McGuinness

Cylinder Draincock casting and spring – Lynn and Chris Moore

Cylinder Draincock casting and spring – Liz and Quentin McGuinness

Cylinder Draincock casting and spring  X2 – James Foley

Cylinder Draincock casting and spring X2 – Paul Hicks

Smokebox Blower feed elbow casting – James Foley

J Cocks casting – Martyn Broad

Smokebox steam lance cock casting – Paul Weston

Coal watering pep pipe cock casting – Philip Hodge

W Valve for 5 feed lubricator – Richard Cadge

Lubricator warming Cock and hand wheel – Tony Jackson

Boiler Top whistle mounting elbow casting- Michael Feasey

Boiler Top whistle mounting elbow casting – Martin Stoolman

Both Driver’s and Fireman’s seats – Tony Jackson

Smoke box regulator oil feed – Tony Jackson
Elbow for regulator oil feed -Tony Jackson
Boiler top whistle mounting steel bracket – Tony Jackson
Andy Clarke Polly Engineering – Suspension components
Phoenix CNC for machine work done
APT Leicester – footplate Bolts

Injector Steam Casting – Buckley Family, Biggleswade
Brake Block – Jeff Griffiths
Brake Block – Richard Pumphrey
Brake Block – Chris Moore
Brake Block – Lynn Moore

Smoke Box feed casting – Dave and Amanda Gill

Front foot plating – Matt Davies

5 feed lubricator casting + machining – Hilary Hewitt Legacy

Safety Valve assembly and springs – Geoff Morris

2 X Piston Valve assemblies – David Huntbatch

Reverser Handle Casting – Robin Matthews

John Baylis – Locomotive front coupling

Smoke box Feed Lubricating casting – Christoph Wachendorf
The Cylinder Front End Cover External Cleating LHS – David Williams
Cylinder Main Cleating Sheet RHS –                  John Pearse
1 Boiler Band –                                                          Tony Jackson
Plumb Fund.        –                                                    Dave Gill
Brake Block –                                                              Neil Hambly
Cylinder Front End Cover Internal Cleating –           John Stevens
Slide Bar Top Right –                      Mr RHG Chapman
Boiler Band – Rev.                                 Christopher Carter
Plumb Fund (x2)                                          Mr Leslie Platt

Brake Block        –                                               I Diane and Tony Harris
Plumb Fund (x4)                                                Steve Fox

Plumb Fund    –                                                   Richard Gent
Plumb Fund              –                                          Charles Hiscock

Plumb Fund                                                          Mr Culbert
Plumb Fund.                                                         Mr Maffey (x10)
Plumb Fund.                                                         Colin Hodgin (x2)
Plumb Fund.                                                         Mr Gent
plumb Fund.                                                          Rev Williams
Plumb Fund.                                                          Brian Limb
Plumb Fund.                                                          Mr Truscott

Cylinder Front End cover cleaning RHS         John Pearse

Slide Bar top left                                                   Paul Williams

elephant Ear                                                           R.G. H. Chapman    

Boiler Cladding Sheets                                         Michael Eyre,  Ian James & John McNorton

Smokebox Door                                                       Graham Bridger

plumb Fund                                                            Keith Pedder

Boiler Barrel Cladding Sheets x9                       Graham Bridger
Boiler Bands x3                                                     Graham Bridger
Plumb Fund x2                                                      Graham Bridger
Plumb Fund x8                                                      Keith Pedder
Smokebox                                                               Neville Wellings
Ashpan                                                                    Neville Wellings

7 x Firebox Cladding sheets                                 John  Sandiford

6 x Plumb Fund                                                     John and Evelyn Coop (from Canada)

Plumb Fund                                                            Julian Pike

Boiler Band                                                              John Stevens

Plumb Fund x2                                                        L. Platt

Plumb fund x3.                                                         John Stevens
Cylinder rear end cover external cleating LHS.   Huw Dodd
Cylinder rear end cover external cleating RHS.      David Bain
Tender Paint x2.                                                       John Morgan
Tender paint x4.                                                        James Evans
Tender paint x2.                                                        Tony Jackson
Tender Paint x2 plus materials,                             Graham Bridger
Ferrules for washout plugs x26.                              Graham Bridger
Valve chest covers x2.                                               R.G.H. Chapman
Cylinder main cleating sheet LHS                         W.Broadley
Valve chest Upper Cleating RHS                     John and Evelyn Coop
Plumb Fund.                                                               M. Eyre

Superheater Element.                                                Chris Moore

Superheater Element                                                 David Huntbatch

Superheater Element.                                                 Malcolm Cowtan

Superheater Element.                                                 Geoff Morris

Superheater Element.                                                Robert Bambury

Superheater Element.                                              James Bambury – late son of Mr R and Mr L Bambury

Superheater Element.                                                Paul Evans

Superheater Element.                                                 Peter Bamber

Superheater Element.                                                  Mr James

Superheater Element.                                                  Terry McGuinness

2 x Valve Chest covers                                                  John Rice

Plumb Fund.                                                                   L. Walters
Boiler Band.                                                                     Mr. Eyre
Boiler Band.                                                                   Tony Jackson
Doantion of Original GWR Speedometer                  Rod Williamson
Elephant Ears.                                                                Robert Breakwell
plumb Fund x2.                                                               Robert Breakwell
Superheater Element.                                                     Mark Chambers
plumb Fund.                                                                     R. Noakes
Injector overflow valve                                                   Bill Hall
Plumb Fund  x2                                                                Bill Hall
Injector Overflow Valve                                                  John Rice
Plumb Fund                                                                       Peter Key
Plumb fund.                                                                       Michael Edwards
Plumb fund.    X2                                                                   Barry Holland
Finish List Tony and Dianne Harris
Superheater Element Philip Hodge
Finish List R.G.H. Chapman
Finish List Peter Williams
Plumb Fund Roger Ellis
Finish List Bill Murray
Plumb Fund J.K.W. Pearse
Plumb Fund x4 Steve Fox
Finish List John Morgan
Superheater Element Tony Cook

Superheater Element                                    Geoff Morris

Finish List                                                     P. Heatley

Backplate Cladding                                       M. Stoolman

Backplate Cladding                                       J. Rivière

Plumb Fund                                                      Tony Jackson

Finish List                                                          Tony Jackson

Plumb Fund                                                       J. Pearce

Backplate Cladding                                           A. James

Completed Plumb Fund                               John & Evelyn Coop

Handrails & Knobs                                         Geoff Morris

Tender Appeal                                                 Neville Welling

Tender Chassis.                                                David Huntbatch

A donation of £50 or more towards the project

Paul Johnson, Craig Turner, D.E. Sumner, Stephen Pratt, R.H.G. Chapman, Michael Dawson, M.J. Lloyd, Jeffrey Saville, John Podmore, Steve Fox, John Blease, Bob Pond, R. Tourret, David Bain, L.J. Platt, Henry Barrow, John Haddrell, Kevin Wake, Geoffrey Perry, L.H.Rayward, P.E. Steele, William Broadley, Jack Hemming, David Crane,  Philip Wooster, Nigel Mundy, James Evans, P. Wright, Paul Dunn, John McCallum, David Huntbatch