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Who are we?

6874The 6880 Society (a registered charity, No. 1100537) was formed in 1998 with the sole intention of recreating a Great Western ‘Grange’ class locomotive. While many of the other Great Western classes survived into preservation, none of the ‘Grange’ class escaped the breaker’s yard cutting touch. Therefore the group was set up to create Betton Grange, which when completed will become the 81st ‘Grange’. Many members of the society bring with them the skills and knowledge from a previous project, which was the successful restoration of ex-Barry scrapyard large Prairie No. 5199.
With the completion of the cab for 6880 (just in time for the Crewe works gathering in 2005) and the acquisition of the boiler and other parts later in the same year, the attention focused on the completion of the main frames and extension frames, the latter arriving in April 2011  since then we have successfully appealed for the funds to have the cylinders cast using polystyrene formers. The casting taking place in October 2014 and now fitted to the locomotive. Our twice monthly working parties continue to work on the refurbishment and acquisition of parts, which, as they are fitted bring us nearer to finishing the ‘bottom half’ of the locomotive. Please see the photographs taken at the Warley Show in November 2016 to check on the huge strides made.

The ongoing boiler appeal has so far raised over £170,000 allowing work to commence at the Tyseley Locomotive Works so that No. 6880 can be finished by 2018 if sufficient funds can be raised.

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Where are we?

We are based at the Tyseley Locomotive Works in Birmingham, who have been contracted to finish the locomotive for use in preservation. Tyseley advertise open days each year when you can see Betton Grange


You can contact us via email on our contact page, or via:

Mr. Q McGuinness,
6880 Betton Grange (Society) Ltd,
457, Crewe Road Winterley CW11 4RF