Refurbished Bogie

The finished bogie is now back in Llangollen from the WSR’s Williton workshops.

Here it is after arrival in Llangollen

bogie 131213

Working weekend progress

this weekends working party included Bill Hall, John Sandiford, Mick Prior, lynn and Chris Moore, Richard Pumphrey, Richard Cadge and Quentin McGuinness.

The work completed started with the painting of the Rocking Pads and washers for the leaf springs. These were then attached to the springs as the photo shows



The brake cylinder from ‘Cogan Hall’ was stripped needle gunned and painted and The Bogie pin received a coat of paint too.



We we have also received the pair of Drawhooks ordered some months ago as part of a batch manufactured with our friends from the Dinmore Manor group.



Work continues at the WSR’s Williton workshops machining the axleboxes for the imminent re-assembly of the Bogie

Pictures by Mick Prior on 5th October

WSR AUTUMN GALA 2013 001 WSR AUTUMN GALA 2013 016 WSR AUTUMN GALA 2013 017 (2)WSR AUTUMN GALA 2013 012 (2)

Bogie wheels painted

Geoff Griffiths and Dave Gill spent time painting the bogie wheels at Williton last week. Soon the bogie will be ready for re-assembly once re-metaling of the axleboxes has been completed.

Meanwhile we await the final parts needed to be ready to fit the springs to the main locomotive chaasis. This work should be complete this month


Painting wheels

June 2011 News Update

Rapid progress being made on the restoration of the front bogie from ex-GWR ‘Hall’ No. 5952 Cogan Hall, which is being renovated by locally-based Betton Grange Society members at Williton works on the West Somerset Railway. A similar programme is underway with the buffers and front buffer beam. Continue reading