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February News


The first of new parts arriving ready for the 21st – 22nd of Feb’s working weekend are the nuts and bolts to fit the brake hangar brackets.
They have been made by Premier Engineering in Southport from drawings by Keith Gilbert of the 1014 County Project at Didcot, the brackets also supplied by Didcot have had counter bores put in the back of them so collar studs can be fitted…..all a bit technical I know, but that is the way with this sort of project. After fitment the next part to consider manufacturing will be the brake hangars themselves.

A second visit to the NRM at York took place on the weekend of the 24th – 25th of Jan, first time visitors were Quentin and Peter Thomas. I think Quentin was taken aback by the enormity of the task and was surprised just how disorganised the Great Western drawings collection is, but after the weekend we reckoned we were over two thirds of the way through. We have found some more drawings relevant to 6880, one being the cab and splasher drawing, and the other for the rocking arms. Our next planned visit will be during May.

Most of the side brackets which hold the footplate angle in place are now in the process of being machined and should be ready for the working weekend.

I took a trip to Microform near Wakefield who specalise in data capture and they copied seven microfilm aquired from Ted Lacey who is in charge of Didcot’s drawings. The films were scanned and blown up into 1/4 sections providing us with readable dimensions and we have found that what was supplied by Ted was about 95% legible.

Our bogie wheels are now at the South Devon Railway where they will be tested for any cracks and flaws in the axles, and if sound then the next step will be have new tyres fitted.


After a reported 73 steamings and 100% reliablity in traffic, with only a few small jobs needing attention, 5199 has flown the flag for team and the Llangollen Railway while out earning her next overhaul. She has proved to be an excellent performer in traffic and has now departed from the Bluebell Railway and is now a little closer to home at the Churnet Valley Railway.

Will Naylor.

Happy New Year

News just in..

The image above shows 8 pressed steel brackets which support the footplate, the two bigger ones brace the saddle plate which holds the rocking arm brackets in place. I have been preparing them by welding up the folds and as of the 31st of December 2008 are in the machine shop with an estimated completion date for early Feb.

The first set of drawings from  the NRM are due to arrive next week and these will include the cylinder drawings. I am off to Wakefield on Monday 5th Jan to copy 7 microfiche drawings in attempt to have more readable drawings, there are just a few dimensions that could be clearer.

Next weekend I should be down at the Bluebell Railway preparing 5199 for her trip back up North to the Churnet Valley Railway.

Will Naylor.